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Holiday List 2021-2022


You must put children’s education first and not prioritise any holiday or longer visit, in term time.

It will not be agreed by school, there is a form to complete and your child may lose their place at our school.  Children who have been on long visits find it difficult to catch up with the other children. BD5 Holiday Request Form

What is our Attendance Policy


1. To expect regular attendance and so maximise attendance rates

2. To discourage lateness

3. To inform parents of their responsibilities for pupil attendance at school

4. To work with Education Social Workers to promote regular attendance

Allowing a child to be absent without a good reason is against the law.  Parents or carers can be fined up to £2500 or even imprisoned.

Every half day absence has to be ‘unauthorised’ or ‘authorised’ by the school, not by the parent or carer. Authorised absences are serious illness or something completely unavoidable.

Unauthorised absences: Unreasonable reasons, not agreed with by school, or too late for the register. Children must not be kept at home e.g. on birthdays, to shop, mind the house or as a treat.

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