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Top 10 Tips if you are being Cyberbullied

  1. Tell an adult you trust if you are being cyberbullied
  2. Don’t respond or retaliate to bullying messages  – it could make things worse
  3. Block users who send you nasty messages
  4. Save abusive emails or messages (or texts) you receive
  5. Make a note of dates and times you receive bullying messages, as well as details you have of the user’s ID and the url.
  6. Don’t pass on any cyberbullying videos or messages – this is cyberbullying
  7. If you are bullied repeatedly change your user ID, or profile,  and use a name that doesn’t give any information away about you
  8. Visit CyberMentors – you can report any cyberbullying you see to cybermentors even if it isn’t targeted at you.
  9. You can talk to someone at Child Line or get online safety advice at
  10. is another very useful website for children and young people staying safe online


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